Redefining the Live Music Experience

We aim to redefine the live music experience, by changing the way that music is discovered and how a live show is experienced. By providing a sublime visual experience through the showcasing of the very best live music photography, our platform will simultaneously promote concert photographers, whom we believe are an essential part of the live music ecosystem, the artists' performing and the venues they perform at.   

With coverage and reviews of music events across the globe, we aim to keep fans up to date with what is happening and help them to discover new artists and support their live journey.

How we help Photographers 

Sheila On 7 Captured by  Donny Nurdiansyah

Sheila On 7 Captured by Donny Nurdiansyah

We believe concert photography is an indispensable part of the music industry. Stunning photographs form a part of the journey of music discovery and also helps a band to promote themselves and venues to sell more tickets.

We work with photographers across the world to promote great work across our social platforms and to provide exposure for musicians of all genres and sizes, to highlight great art that we believe should be appreciated as a central part of the live music ecosytem. 

How we help Artists

Through our social media channels, we assist artists to enhance their live career by promoting the discovery of their music. This fosters more ticket sales for fans wanting to experience their music up close. With our combination of imagery and video we aim to increase the awareness of artists and enhance the opportunities available to them at live shows.

How we help Music Lovers/Fans


By engaging with us, music fans are able to see stunning images of their favourite acts live in concert and to purchase rare images that they will not be able to get their hands on anywhere else. This in turn, also offers in additional way for a fan to support artists of all sizes even if they are unable to attend every gig. 

As we review shows from all over the globe, we are able to bring plenty of information to the music fan looking for new artists and hoping to get the lowdown on events that they are unable to see or experience themselves.  

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