The Head and the Heart Dish Out Pop With a Side of Synth and Steel Guitars  


By Christina Posztos

The Head and The Heart are back and poppier than ever with their new album Living Mirage which seeks to tell us all a story about life’s tough decisions, letting go of fear and what it’s like to still be jamming as a band even after ten years of playing together.  


The Head and The Heart played songs that they had written for the album but didn’t make it on. One of the most intimate parts of the night were when lead singer Jonathon Russell played “One Big Mystery” on the piano. One Big Mystery invites it’s audience to wonder “What if we haven’t found out all the answers to life’s toughest questions?” The Head and The Heart managed to balance the transitions between their newer, more pop-driven songs, and their older much more folk-rock music that originated in the Pacific Northwest seamlessly. Each moment between songs that faded to black gently brought fans along with the T.H.A.T.H as they collectively gave their whole heart to each and every delicate song.  


Charity Theilen switched between playing the violin and vocals during the night adding in sweet melodies at just the right time to compliment Jonathan’s signature smooth tone. Living Mirage gives it’s listener a look into how much the dynamic of the band and the style of T.H.A.T.H’s music has changed over the years (complete with synth’s and steel guitars). T.H.A.T.H’s drummer seemed so into the show, so rooted in what was going on that night, it looked as though there was no place that guy would rather be.  

Although Comerica is one of the larger venues in Phoenix, T.H.A.T.H’s still managed to make the show feel intimate, an ode to their humble beginning and deep connection as a band. On this tour T.H.A.T.H’s is giving fans a taste of what’s to come for the band’s musical style and lyrical ingenuity, and their audience is patiently waiting, hungry for more…