Kelly Jones: Intimately Amazing

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Venue Cymru, Llandudno 

Kelly Jones is lead singer and songwriter of legendary Welsh indie rockers Stereophonics, and he is doing something very rare indeed; touring the UK on his own, playing songs from his only solo album “Only the Names Have Been Changed” and from the 10 Stereophonics’ albums.  

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Kelly walks on-stage with his guitar slung over his shoulder and strums into Stereophonics classics “Hurry Up And Wait” and “You’re My Star” and sets the scene and feel for the whole evening. So begins a night that these fans will never forget. As I said before, it is a real rarity, and a pleasure to see him performing on his own.  

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But it’s not just the songs that make this night so special. Even though they are stripped right back, with the addition of piano, violin and trumpet and Kelly breathing new life into these songs that are oh so familiar to this sold out Venue Cymru crowd, it’s also the intimacy of the story-telling; stories both sad and funny and I feel so lucky to be here! 

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The night is a mixture of true Phonics classics, rarities, B-sides and solo tracks. Kelly alternates between guitar, piano, even the mandolin. There is also a guest appearance from Stereophonics band mate Richard Jones. The biggest noise of the night greets  “I Wanna Get Lost With You”, “Mr Writer”, “Local Boy In The Photograph”, but to be fair, I think every song tonight is received with love and enthusiasm, even the couple of covers “Stop Draggin My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks and Kris KristoffersonHelp Me Through The Night”.  

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Kelly Jones is all class, he is one of the most iconic songwriters of a generation and his voice sits in the premier league of singers from across the last two decades, right up there with Richard Ashcroft, Thom Yorke and Liam Gallagher

Tonight is special, the standing ovation at the end of the night well deserved, and as I said previously I consider myself very honoured and lucky to be here to witness it. Thanks!!! 

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Kelly Jones – “Maybe Tomorrow”

Kelly Jones – “Just Lookin”