The Artificial Selection Tour stops by Marathon Music Works

dance gavin dace-19.jpg

By Alma Reed

Written by Wes Lytz

The Artificial Selection Tour stopped by Nashville’s Marathon Music Works this Thursday. Lots of bands and a lot of photos. Here are the highlights. 

By the time we arrived, post-hardcore goliaths Hail The Sun had just launched into a blistering set. In case you were wondering, they sound a bit like The Mars Volta with additional elements of screamo, progressive metal and math rock. The night’s off to a good start. 

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The evening’s highlight was alt/pop rock band Don Broco. They opened their set with their YouTube hit “Everybody”. It’s respectable hit-making. Punchy and danceable, it has a modern sound with an 80s edge. The chorus guitar riff is reminiscent of “Rapper’s Delight “by The Sugar Hill Gang. Overall Don Broco is fun, energetic, and bouncy. Their stage presence evokes The Breakfast Club library dance montage. Bonus points are awarded to guitarist Simon Delaney who effortless and masterful high-kicks demand our respect. 

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Post hardcore/math metal/screamo band Dance Gavin Dance close the evening.  Vocalists Tilian Pearson and Jon Mess, when not playing with their hair, tag team the microphone, alternating between soaring melodic vocals and throaty, guttural growls. Guitarist Will Swan follows suit, oscillating between driving riffs and chord progressions all the while sprinkling in shreddy polyrhythmic melodies to keep your ears interested. The audience returns the favor, thrashing wildly and crowd surfing to their heart's content.

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