Cherry Pools, Your Favourite Summer Flavour!!!

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Cherry Pools

August 10, 2018

By Bob Linneman

Cherry Pools may be confused for an Ice Cream but offers so much more flavor.  The band, whom are relativity young in both their formation and ages, have seemed to gel very well. The Toronto based band played The Foundry, which is in the upper portion of The Fillmore. As the line formed down Allen Street, there were many fans in dressed in Cherry Pools shirts. The Indie-Pop band, who recetnly replaced their guitarist Matty Krumlins, didn’t seem to miss a beat as they made the most of a very small stage. 

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The band's neon sign lit the back portion of the stage and lead singer Martin Broda's mic stand illuminated the front with the band making the best of a tight situation. I can't wait to see this band next year as they take the larger stages and really unleash their stage presence.

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The band are heavily influenced by the 80's and this can be seen in their music videos.  They have a bright, poppy feel to them, which presents a Warhol-Bowie vibe. On this night they did a cover of Don Henley’sThe Boys of Summer”, changing the lyrics to “The Girls of Summer”.  The band's latest single “All The Way” can be found on Spotify. I would highly recommend following this band and watch them as they grow!!  The tour continues through August ending at the famous Troubadour in Los Angeles, California.

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