Audiolove Showcaser Christophe Garin | Understand the Band


After a very long hiatus we are back and dedicated to highlighting the work of 1 photographer each month whose portfolio and social media pages we believe are an absolute must follow under our revamped #audioloveshowcase. Kicking off things this month is our awe of the work of @christophe_garin 

We are particular fans of Christophe's insane jump shots that are always timed to perfection! His dark and colourful aesthetic in the finish of his photography in general provides a unique viewpoint which is always a delight to view. If you are new to his work we would highly recommend checking out his catalogue of images. 

We caught up with Christophe to find out more about his love of concert photography and his favourite lens and body combo, as well as his views on shooting in general

How did you get started in concert photography?

started live photography about 9 years ago, taking pics from my best friend who's a french folk singer. I've been on photography since my childhood, but as a hobby. Then I began to wonder what kind of photography I would make, and he asked me to take some pics during his gig "for help". And I really loved playing with lights and every musician. So I decided to do this more and more. And I can't imagine stopping live photography right know, I'm too addicted !

If you could only bring one body and lens to a gig, what would be the magic combination be?

I’m actually using a Canon 5d MarkIII and a 24-70mm f2. 8, and to me, this is the best combination. Really useful and polyvalent. But I would like to get a 1dx and maybe a 16-35mm for small venues, and of course the 70-200mm lens for festivals or bigger places

What would you say is the most challenging thing about concert photography for you personally?

I think that live photography is not just catching a moment or reporting a live as it is. Not just "pushing a button" or "be there taking pics because it's cool". We photographers should understand the band/artist, their music and put our touch onto the pics (and on our edit as well). And we should report gigs as we feel it or live it. But of course, the most challenging thing is taking the perfect move, expression with the perfect light at the perfect time !

Where can we find more of your work?

I actually share my personal work on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and on the media's website I work for : Soul Kitchen (here is the link :

I have a Flickr profile but i'm not updating it regularly. My personal website is still under construction, and i hope it will be finished soon !