Clairo: From SoundCloud to Stardom!


By Maddie Stellingwerf

On October 10th, Claire Cottrill, better known by her stage name: Clairo, graced the stage at Portland’s famous “Crystal Ballroom”. Touring just after a summer tour opening for Khalid, the release of her debut album “Immunity” - and a few other singles like; “Racecar” with Deaton Chris Anthony, Coco and Clair Clair, and “I don’t think I can do this again” with “Mura Masa” - Clairo is gleaming with the sparks of stardom at just 21 years old.


Prior to her signing to the FADER label, Clairo rose to internet stardom releasing short and intimate songs on her SoundCloud, donning the popular new genre: “Bedroom Pop.” After this and the release of a few shorter EPs like: “Moth Girl”, “Metal Heart”, and “Aquarius Boy”, Clairo released the song that would forever change her world: “Pretty Girl.” Pretty Girl became an internet smash garnering over 40 million views on YouTube and boosting her into her first official EP: “Diary 001.

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 After all this and some things in between, Clairo ended up in Portland, Oregon on her fall immunity tour. She kept constant contact with the crowd, even bringing two members of the audience up to dance and perform a song with her, it is no wonder why she is the hit she is today. Her set design was simplistic and not over the top so the focus could truly be on her amazing voice and the way the crowd swayed with her throughout it. She even played an unreleased song that she wrote just a few hours prior to the show which was certainly an homage to her SoundCloud past.

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Overall an amazing show, the future of the music business is as bright as it's ever been and Clairo is certainly going nowhere but up!