New showcaser Casey discusses how to take the quality of your images to the next level


The time has come for us to shed light on the work of another artist whose work we believe you should definitely pay attention to. This is the work of @caseyonamission. We love the vibrant bursts of colour which are evident throughout all of the pictures he posts.

His images are consistently razor sharp and teetering with life, evoking the next best feeling to actually being there live!

We caught up with Casey to ask him about some post-processing tips, his favourite festivals he has shot so far and his tips on taking the quality of your photography to the next level. Read the full interview below.

 How did you get started in concert photography?

I had a pass to Outside Lands 2014 in golden gate park. So I went to Sammy’s Camera in Sf and bought a pro Camera.  Then I found out no pro equipment would be allowed inside without a media pass. I scratched my head for a minute and decided to go to Golden Gate Park a few days before the festival and bury my camera under a bush. On the day of the fest I walked to the bush now inside the Festival grounds and retrieved my camera.  I had a laminate from an old job with my name and picture on it so I put that on and slung my new camera over my shoulder. I walked up to the security guy in front of the pit at the main stage, held my laminate up, gave a nod and walked on by. Now I’m in the pit with photographers from Rolling Stone and Maxim Magazine shooting Wayne Coyne and the rest of Flaming lips. #Firstshow


We have noticed that you have shot many festivals, what has been your favourite to shoot so far and why?

I love shooting the Joshuatree Music Festival.  It’s more of a family experience with artists from around the world. There is one in May to kick the festival season off and another one in October to close it down.

What tips would you give to photographers trying to take their post-processing results to the next level for their images?

For post processing understanding the tone curve is essential. The old school technique of dodging and burning with the power of Lightroom tone and clarity settings can really make a photo pop.


Without giving away your secrets, what would you say is the one thing that elevated your photography to the next level?

The one thing I can say for sure elevated my photography was not being afraid to take a ridiculous amount of photographs. It’s the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. Don’t just spray and pray but think about every shot and take as many as possible...  digital film is free!


Where can we find more of your work?

Find full sets of photos on my Facebook page Casey Onamission and my portfolio at