Festival Fever

Photo Credit:  Hummer Photography

Photo Credit: Hummer Photography

The festival season is about to begin all over again. The joy of seeing a multitude of your favourite musicians/bands in an amazing setting all over the globe over consecutive days is a music lovers wet dream!

It’s the time of the year you plan and anxiously wait for, plotting out your list of must see bands, with your camera phones at the ready to make sure you never forget everything that took place. But sometimes life gets in the way and you are unable to make it to party the days away. If this sounds like your story, never fear!

This year, we are planning on covering as many festivals as possible to bring you the next best thing. We will be sending our fabulous team to cover some of the most anticipated and prestigious events in the festival calendar. We will be posting high quality photographs of these artists performing live on stage, as well as tweeting throughout the day to give you a feel for what is going on.

Each evening, we will be posting an update on our site to explain what happened during the day as well as what will be on the agenda for the next day! We plan on keeping you up to date so that you are aware of everything happening.

Here is our calendar for 2017:

Firefly Festival

Love Supreme Festival

Rockville Festival 

Groovin The Moo Festival

Our previous coverage so far has included the BUKU Festival, with plenty more to come. Stay tuned to this page to receive updates as our coverage grows and follow us on Twitter today so that you are set to see our live tweets of everything as it happens!!