H.E.R. Performs on the Citi Concert Series on the Today Show

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By Simon Lindenblatt


On Friday August 30th, fresh off her performance at the VMAs, H.E.R. rocked the Citi Conert Series stage on the Today Show to promote her new album I Used to Know Her. Before her performance there was a special moment where a little girl dressed up as H.E.R. and wearing her signature sunglasses came up on stage and got to meet H.E.R.. That moment left all in the crowed smiling.

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The California based R&B singer performed a three song set. Her set included “Focus” her 1st top 100 hit and “Hard Place” the first single off of her newly released album. During a break in her performance H.E.R. spoke with the show’s host about the previous time she was on the show when she was 10 years old.

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Check out the upcoming performances on the Citi Concert Series, Friday’s on NBC.