Hudson Taylor Wow The House of Blues


By Julie Worthen

It’s common for people to trickle in during the opener of any concert, but not for Hudson Taylor. The House of Blues was completely packed by 7:30 in anticipation for their 8 o’clock set!


Hudson Taylor is a folk rock band from Dublin, Ireland, fronted by brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor. The front men are joined by five other band members who sing beautiful harmonies and play instruments ranging from a cajon to a violin and everything in between.


The band had the entire crowd singing along throughout their set. They expertly interacted with the crowd, using the attention they had to teach the crowd harmonies. Throughout the evening, there wasn’t a single quiet person in the venue.


Their catalogues ranges from soothing love songs such as “Old Soul”, a track that many people can relate to, to upbeat songs like “Feel it Again” and “Pray for the Day” that have a sound similar to Mumford and Sons. They even managed to relate to the home crowd by playing a cover of “Shipping it up to Boston” adding in some Irish step to the song with a folk’esque flare.


They got a standing ovation from the crowd and handed out the set list to fans after their performance. They also went out and signed t-shirts, talked to fans and were very personable. If Hudson Taylor are due to pass a city near you, they are a band that you definitely need to see.