Interview with The Sh-booms!


By Felicia Carter

Ahead of their upcoming show on the 17th, we caught up with The Sh-booms to talk to them in more detail about their album and their love for live performances. Check out our interview with them below!

This Sh-Booms have been on a wild ride to get where they are today. You say that “The Blurred Odyssey” is your band’s testament, can you elaborate more on that? Is this your most emotional album yet?

It’s been a longtime coming. We’ve been at this for almost 10 years, and finally put out or debut record. The songs are stories of our journey through good and bad times. It’s been rad to see the response.

 You’ve described your music as soulful, and it has also been described as punk/garage band. Can you describe that evolution and how it is all represented in your music? 

Yeah for sure. When we first started the band, it was more clean/Motown feel, but deep down we’re all rock and roll guys. We flipped all that when Brenda joined in 2015. Her raucous vocals made us get back to our roots, but still holding down the base of soul music. As we played out more, the crazier more fun shows were with garage and punk bands. We’ve kinda morphed from the inspiration of some of our peers.

The album art on all three albums are awesome! They seem almost existential. Can you briefly talk about each album cover and how they were created? 

Thank you! It all derived from the idea that is now “The Blurred Odyssey” - a play on the Greek Odyssey as told through our eyes. Very classic black & white hand drawn by Mary Frances Dodd. It’s our journey through the slums of squalor.

 What song do each of you enjoy performing? Do any songs evoke any deep emotions while you perform them? 

I think everyone’s answer would be different, but for myself it would be “Leon The Hustler “ -  Brenda would say Audible, I know how hard she goes when we perform it. A lot of emotions in both tunes.

 What are you looking forward to most on this tour? 

As always, we are in search of amazing FRIED CHICKEN! We are all stoked to play with our super talented friends KOLARS too. We’ll be hitting a couple towns we haven’t been before, but also a couple we’ve seen grow every time we’ve been. It’s cool seeing that happen so organically. Carrboro, NC has treated us so well!

 Given that I live in the land of music in Music City, I am constantly seeing fun cover bands in local bars. If you found yourself somehow being a cover band for a night in a dive bar, who/what would you be likely to cover? 

We saw our friends Woolly Bushmen do a Slade tribute set, that was my favourite cover type show I’ve seen.  Maybe we could rip some Hall & Oates, I’d just do it for the costumes & make up.

Boy, I LOVE the song Leon the Hustler. Brenda’s voice is actually unreal!! I know there is a small anecdote in the beginning, is this a song based on a true story?  

Leon is a fictional character we drew from our life experiences growing up around our parents. Bren and I come from some interesting backgrounds - we basically wrote a story, but it’s really about seeing your parents struggle, make bad decisions, but also trying to figure it all out along the way. Life ain’t easy!

 Last question: Can I play tambourine on stage for you guys? My first grade teacher would be an excellent reference, as I played tambourine in my school choir. 

Yes! We want tambourines louder than snare hits, so start working on it now. See you Tuesday!