KALEO bring their Great Music and Energy to The Hampton Ballroom Casino


By Julie Worthen

There are some voices you hear that are timeless. JJ Julius Son, lead singer of KALEO, has a raspy and powerful voice that hasn’t been heard for years. He can soothe the crowd with bluesy songs such as “Automobile”, but can also have the whole crowd throwing up “rock on signs” with songs like “No Good”.


The energy the entire band brought to stage was enough to rival legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin, both of whom have graced The Hampton Ballroom Casino in years past. Drummer David Antonsson entranced the crowd with energetic sweeps and tight drum rolls across his drum set, not to mention the joy he evoked amongst the crowd whenever he utilized his heart thumping bass drum.

Daniel Kristjansson also held down the rhythm section on bass as the band effortlessly hyped up the crowd although they were simply warming themselves up to deliver a phenomenal show.


KALEO is doing something a lot of musicians aren’t. They are a real band that are tight, full of energy and possess the ability to craft out killer guitar solos. Rubin Pollock shredded throughout their set in all the perfect moments that only a true musician would recognize.


The crowd were enchanted from the very first song all the way to the encore. There wasn’t a single person in the crowd who wasn’t dancing and rocking out. They sang along to songs and Kaleo had them join in on harmonies through the night. If KALEO is coming to a city near you any tim soon, they are certainly a band you don’t want to miss!