Live delight Die Hard Fans at Paradiso & The Tivoli


By Lars Bezemer

I had the great pleasure to photograph two of the Dutch Live shows. Live are huge and its likely that most people can name at least three songs from their catalogue. I am a huge fan of Timeless hits like 'Overcome', 'Dolphins Cry', 'I Alone', 'All Over You' and a lot more of their great songs.

After a eight year break (in their original form) they decided to join forces and have started touring again, much to the delight of all the die-hard Live fans!

I had the pleasure of capturing these lads twice, one with some history to it at the Paradiso, Amsterdam and the second at The Tivoli, Utrecht.


It has been around 11 years since they recorded a live CD/DVD at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. As you can imagine this was a really special show for a lot of Dutch people who got a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to relive this moment again.

Suffice to say therefore, I have never seen the Paradiso this packed with people! There was barely any room to breathe but there was such a great vibe between the audience and band and you could tell that the Dutch fans were definitely keen to witness an amazing Live show to remind them of an era gone by. Live did not disappoint in this regard and gave them exactly what they were hoping for and more!!

One thing that was notable was the amount of covers and mashups of different songs they performed. I noticed a little bit of hesitation with the lyrics from their first cover of the (sadly parted) band R.E.M. with “Losing My Religion”. Following this however, there was a very convincing cover from the Stones 'Paint It Black'.


But let's discuss the Golden numbers! How perfect is it to have them commence the evening by firing off with 'All Over You'. You can feel and hear the presence of their loyal fan base which was an amazing thing to experience.

At the beginning of the night, one of my burning questions centred squarely on whether this band still have that old school fire inside their mind, body and souls? Well: Fuck yeah they did!

I mean, to connect on this level with the audience, where the front man Ed Kowalczyk joins the crowd multiple times, the elegant posture and moves of Chad Taylor who's not afraid to throw in some awesome lead guitar riffs and the emotions behind the drum-kit from Chad Gracey was an absolutely pleasure to witness! Not to mention, my own favourite 'Lakini's Juice' was part of their well constructed set list.


A huge thanks goes out to the band Live and their managing team for this opportunity, it's a great pleasure to see you lads together and playing some music again!

Here is the Set list for Paradiso (The Tivoli set list was pretty similar to this one)

1. All Over You
2. Selling the Drama
3 .Losing My Religion (R.E.M. Cover)
4. The Distance
5. Shit Towne
6. Iris
7. They Stood Up for Love
8. Dolphin's Cry
9. Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover)
10. Lakini's Juice
11. I Alone
12. White, Discussion
13. Heaven
14. Turn My Head
15. Run to the Water
16. Overcome
17. Lightning Crashes

Live - Dolphins Cry

Live - I Alone

Live - Lakini's Juice