London Plane's New York Howl hits the Mark!

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By Lloyd Wakeling

Now I've never been to New York, but listening to London Plane and their debut album 'New York Howl' reminded me that I have been missing out on an experience that warrants a swift remedy. Saturated in blissful electro, guitar melodies that dance deliciously with vocals and lyrics of an era gone by, yet not forgotten.

The backstory of a discarded case and a diary discovered, intermingled with a love letter to New York works brilliantly and all I could do was close my eye and imagine myself with headphones on, exploring the streets, alleys and life that is New York. David Mosey  and Cici James have created a debut of memories I trust in and wholly believe!


Storytelling in  a song is not always easy and many a lyricist can often get lost in the mechanics of self obsession, but 'New York Howl' delivers a fabric of interlocking, atmospheric prose that scarily breathe on their own; some dark, some not, but breathe they do.

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Over and over I listened and fell deeper in love. It is so characteristic of music, in the way that it can hit you hard and sometimes an album slaps you in the face harder than most. As I write this, Cici is telling me that 'It keeps getting better'. Well, she is right and if debuts are any indication of a bands calling I await the emotions of a second course with baited breath!