Meghan Trainor kills it on the Citi Conert Series Stage

Meghan Trainor - Today Show - Simon Lindenblatt-035.jpg

By Simon Lindenblatt

On Friday September 13th, Meghan Trainor killed it on the Citi Conert Series stage on the Today Show. She kicked off her appearance with an intimate performance of ‘After You’. Then, before her full set she took the time to take selfies, sign autographs, and talk to fans.

Meghan performed a three song set. She began her set with 'NO EXCUSES' Meghan the brought (DJ) Kaskade on stage to perform their new song 'With You' together.’ The song closed out with pyro and tons of colored streamers. She closed out her set with 'Me Too'. Check out the gallery below!

Check out the upcoming performances on the Citi Concert Series, Friday’s on NBC.