Mitski and Overcoats Steal The Show


By Bowen Moreno

Mitski and Overcoats stole the show Thursday night with an evening full of dancing, screaming and headbanging.  

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell of Overcoats had fans starstruck with their lyrical finesse and rhythmic perfection that, for me at least, blew all expectation out of the water. The transitions between each song were effortless, allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the world of Overcoats. In addition to this, the band teased their fans with unreleased music, giving them a taste of the next iteration of the Overcoat’s sound.  


Just when I thought that the duo had really impressed audience members, Elion took a knee just centimetres away from the crowd, beginning a guitar solo to be reckoned with. 


 The duo produced a sound that was full and lively, an entrancing feeling that left me with a smile that I couldn’t shake for the entirety of the set. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this band live, get tickets at



Be the Cowboy is Mitski’s 5th full length record. Performing to a sold out crowd, there was no doubt that the show at The Crescent Ballroom Thursday night would be anything less than stellar. Ever since Mitski released Puberty 2, I have been intrigued to see the direction that she would take her music. Mitski’s new album shows a fresh vulnerability, with songs that have taken the artist in a completely new direction while still sticking to her roots.


While Mitski may be honing a new sound, fans remained loyal and showed their love and appreciation, singing along to every word. The performance itself was spectacular and I was captivated by a show that was both unique as it was enthralling.

This young artist owned the stage, not only vocally, but physically as well. Mitski showcased her ability to encompass movement that accompanied her heavy lyrics.


The show at the Crescent Ballroom was something special, an exceptional performance that skipped the pleasantries and dropped me right into the madness. Get tickets for the show at