Natalie Joly and the Reckless Hearts are The next Big Thing to come out of Boston


By Julie Worthen

Boston has been known to breed some of the greatest rock bands of all time. The illustrious list includes Aerosmith, Boston, Pixies, The Cars and countless more. Natalie Joly and the Reckless Hearts are going to be the next big band out of Boston!


Their set from start to finish was full of an energy that had the whole crowd captivated. As soon as the lights went down, the audience were silenced by the booming sound of a heartbeat over the PA. Guitarist Cory Paza, bassist BJ Knights, and drummer Kyle McGrail soon set the tone for the night when they built upon the heartbeat, turning it into a powerful introduction jam.


In the midst of this boisterous introduction, frontwoman Natalie Joly emerged and took her spot centre stage. All eyes were drawn to her. The audience’s engagement was palpable; the band built into a powerful crescendo and at the perfect moment, silence. Two more booming heartbeats ensued. Then the show really began...


Kyle McGrail initiated the beginning of “Thunder” with the recognisable booming tom beat. Cory Paza joined in with his powerful guitar rhythm and then after allowing the mood to be set, Natalie unleashed with a belting vocal that made it immediately apparent why the room was so enamoured with what this band has to offer. The power behind her voice throughout the entirety of the opening song was truly remarkable, clearly representing what Natalie is able to offer as one powerhouse of a lead singer.


The band then showed their range as they transitioned from the powerful rock of “Thunder” into the more pop-centric rock song “The Way You Do”. Natalie’s voice easily resonated through the hall and the catchy hook of this one clearly had the audience captivated. 


After the bombastic ending of “The Way You Do”, Natalie took a moment to talk to the audience. She mentioned the recent released of the bands new song “Irresistible” and the crowd went wild. Seems to me to that they were very familiar with this song. The band then started to play the song through, with a delicate introduction by Cory Paza on guitar.


The night carried on with the same high intensity and the band’s energy seemed to somehow continually increase as the set went on. They put together a strong lineup of songs including a cover of the 4 Non Blondes classic “What’s Up?”, which would make it difficult for someone to not draw comparisons between Natalie Joly and Linda Perry. They then followed this with their driving original “All I Need” and their extremely catchy “Gave It Away”.