P.O.D and Nonpoint rock Nashville's Cowan

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By Alma Reed

Written by Wes Lytz

P.O.D rocked Nashville’s Cowan on Thursday night. They are touring following the release of their latest album ‘Circles’

Performing direct support was the Florida based alternative metal group Nonpoint. Nonpoint is one of those bands that a bunch of my friends have always loved but I never got into. I never gave them a fair shake. That was a mistake on my part. Seeing them live changed that. They’ve converted another heathen. Their live show is awesome! Electrifying and high energy. And their music bumps; a welcome addition to my usual rotation!

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No history of early 2000’s popular music could be taken seriously unless a portion was devoted to P.O.D. They were like the Starbucks of nu-metal, at all times everywhere. It wasn’t unusual to be flipping radio stations and hear their songs on 2 or 3 at the same time. I had lost track of them over the last few years and was pleased to know they are still at it.

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POD puts on a helluva show. They are every bit as energetic as they were 18 years ago. Singer and front man Sonny Sandoval is almost unrecognisable without his signature dreadlocks, but the energy and conviction in his stage presence hasn’t gone anywhere. Of course they played the anthemic Youth of A Nation and Alive, and also fan favourites such as Southtown, Satellites, Beautiful, Boom and Goodbye for Now.