Richard Ashcroft's Merry Christmas Gig at The Albert Hall

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The Albert Hall, Manchester,

December 23rd 2018

 Merry F*@king Christmas | Manchester 

By Desh Kapur 

Richard Ashcroft, known as The Legendary front man of The Verve, acclaimed solo musician, Iconic British Rock Star, best voice of his and many a generation, and the adulation continues.  

No pressure then as he strides confidently on to the stage at Manchester’s iconic Albert Hall, turns to face the sold out crowd and raises his arms in the air. You know this is going to be magical!

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 Wearing the obligatory large black Ray Ban sunglasses and sporting the classic Richard Ashcroft mop top (so glad he has done away with the Papillion shorn head look), camouflage jacket and jeans, he just oozes cool. 

He kicks off the night with ‘Hold On’, a track from 2016’s album ‘These People’, followed by the first Verve track of the night “Sonnet”. Richard Ashcroft slaps his chest and pumps his fists in acknowledgement of the honour of being part of North West’s musical history and the crowd cheer and shout in return. This is followed by ‘Surprised by the Joy’ from his latest record ‘Natural Rebel’.

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 His stage presence alone is something else; from standing there with his arms folded across his chest, to using his glasses to play the guitar or lying on the floor while wailing out a chorus. Add this to his incredible voice, cool as f@£K attitude and amazing melodies and song writing and that, my friends, is why he is a legend; why albums like Urban Hymns are still revered today.

He played a mixture of Verve songs and his solo stuff, “Break The Night With Colour”, “A Song for Lovers”, “Birds Fly”, “Lucky Man”, “Weeping Willow”, “They don’t Own Me”, “The Drugs Don’t Work”, “Space And Time”, and finishing the night with a spectacular rendition of “Bitter Sweet Symphony”. The crowd were giving it their all in return. So what did I learn tonight? He has a great voice, his song writing is brilliant, he is a very cool human, but most of all, I learnt Richard Ashcroft is still very, very, very relevant.



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