Ruel stops by Atlanta on his Free Time World Tour


By Quavea Fetti

Last night in Atlanta was the Ruel show on the Free Time World Tour (@oneruel), and to make hings even more special, it was the Australian pop star's 17th Birthday. The rising pop star was supported by Destiny Rogers who had her own crowd there as well, singing her songs verbatim and this set things up perfectly for Ruel to perform next.


Before he even stepped foot on stage the crowd began to chant his name with a follow up of Happy Birthday chants. Performing some of his most iconic songs as well as other numbers from his new EP "Free Time", Ruel did not disappoint and exceeded fan expectations.


A ball of energy on stage, the crowd revelled in his musicianship and erupted when he picked up the guitar to deliver some of his final songs. The night ended with a birthday celebration from his team and his mother took the crowd away with a special intimate moment.