Run The Jewels 3 Album Review

It’s a Christmas miracle! Two weeks in advance, the dynamic duo of Killer Mike and El-P A.K.A. Run the Jewels released their much anticipated third album, RTJ 3. The unapologetic pair have long been known their poignant rhymes, with much of their lyrics concerning the social injustices facing our generation. This time around RtJ really amp their message up a notch. In a year that’s seen one of the most interesting elections in U.S. history, Mike and P add fuel to the fire by delivering razor-sharp lyrics calling-out the abysmal state of affairs within a dysfunctional society. In this writer's opinion Run the Jewels have released their most thought provoking offering to date, not an easy task when considering the Jewels already have two stellar albums to their name.

On the premier tone-setting track Talk to Me, Mike holds nothing back when he delivers standout line “Born black, that’s dead on arrival, my job is to fight for survival, in spite of these AllLivesMatter ass white folk”; lyrics that would make legendary rap super-group NWA proud. The highly tense track doubles down by critiquing, without naming, a certain president elect on lines “Went to war with the devil and shaytan, he wore a bad toupee and a spray tan”, an emblematic line to the struggles that minorities fear with the incoming government.

RtJ3 also boasts of celebrity cameos, featuring such talented artists like Danny Brown on “Hey Kids” and the legendary Kamasi Washington on “Thursday in the Danger Room”. But the crowning jewel of this album is the sign-of-the-times track “2100”. The fist and gun duo recruit singer/producer BOOTS to deliver a message of hope in spite of the chaos dividing populations and nations in these times. Hard hitting lyrics reason that we the people should not be blinded by the guise of patriotism  into taking the lives of our fellow man, and asks the listener to look behind the curtain to see who's really pulling the strings. A track voicing serious concerns that reads more like a profane campaign speech by presidential nominee Bernie Sanders (of whom Killer Mike was an outspoken supporter).

Be sure to give RtJ3 a listen, as it’s one of the best rap albums released in recent memory. To learn more about Run the Jewels, be sure to visit their website for updates and information at and check them out live as they embark on a massive album support tour come January of 2017 kicking off in the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia.

Have you heard the album yet? Listen below and tell us what you think in the comments below!!


4/5 Stars