Shallow Side Command Nashville's The High Watt

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By Alma Reed

Written by Wes Lytz

Purveyors of rock and roll Shallow Side threw down at Nashville’s The High Watt Sunday night.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:

Nashville’s True Villains opened the show, bringing to bear their flavor of no nonsense rock and roll to the evening. No frills, no filler. Just solid, rump shaking rock.

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Their sound embodies all your favourite rock elements from the 70’s, with a little something new. Vocalist Beau Lastavich has found his calling, as he effortlessly belts out the lyrics with an appropriate amount of swagger. Comparisons to Sebastian Bach or Chris Robinson are too easy to make.

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A band is only as good as the company they keep, and True Villains demonstrated a steadfast group of disciples, enthusiasts and well-wishers. And it’s good to see the rocker chick ethos is alive and well within the True Villains entourage.

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Shallow Side took the stage and within the first few notes were able to force even the most disinterested concert goer’s phone back in their pocket. The performance was an onslaught of energy from start to finish. Their style is rooted in classic rock and this was evidenced by their masterfully executed cover of Styx’s 1978 hit song “Renegade”.

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Eric Boatright’s soaring vocals are capable of liberating the most hardened of souls. Matt Daniels and Seth Trimble bring elements of hard rock and heavy metal with their aggressive bass and guitar work. And it’s hard to deny that drummer Heath Fields is probably having the most fun of the group given his frenzied drumming and undeniable stage presence.

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Shallow Side is a fantastic band to see live. Do yourself a favour and check them out if they’re ever in your neck of the hood.