Why The DMA's Keep Getting Better & Better

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By Desh Kapur




This is the third time I have covered The DMA’S and each time they get better and better. Tonight was no different, even better than the two previous shows!

The venue was packed and the crowd were fully amped for the arrival of their heroes. Chants of DMA’S rang around the room, and even a song or two about ex-Liverpool captain Steven Gerard was given an airing, which was quite ironic considering lead singer Tommy O’ Dell is an Evertonian.

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Then the band walked on to the stage and then the house erupted. The DMA’S star is shining so brightly right now and it’s rightly deserved. Australia has served up some amazing indie pop bands over the last decade and now we can add the DMA’S to that list.

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Three lads from Sydney, Australia, playing, what I guess, if I had to pigeonhole it, .. is Oasis-inspired Britpop with shades of the La’s, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans. But they are so much more than that. They write truly great songs.

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Right from the very first song, the crowd sang along, and I sang along too. It’s hard to pick any particular song that stood out, because they were all great tunes. Right from the first chords of “Dawning”, the indie bangers came one after another, “Laced”, “Melbourne” “Timeless” the delicately beautiful “In The Air”, and the unbelievably catchy and my personal favourite “Warsaw”! . Throw in the brilliantly fractured vulnerability of their breakthrough record “Delete” and I’m not leaving the house, its my own personal summer time.

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As the band played a set of anthemic indie pop gems, it was amazing to turn around and watch a crowd of over 3,000 singing along word for word, bringing back memories of scenes past and it also served to conjure up anticipation of what these three chaps could go on to achieve. Lead singer Tommy O’Dell’s voice dipped and soared across the room, accompanied by Matt Mason and Johnny Hook on bass and acoustic guitar and the night was over in a flash, Until the next time lads, cheers!!!!!

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