The Kooks Rock Castlefield Bowl

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By Desh Kapur

THE KOOKS | The Sherlocks

Castlefield Bowl


The Castlefield Bowl was the beautiful host for another night in the series of Sound Of The City concerts and tonight I was here to cover the mighty The Kooks and Brit Indie rockers The Sherlocks and what an amazing night it turned out to be! 

To kick things off were Sheffield’s own The Sherlocks, bringing to the stage their own blend of driving sweet power Indie Pop, which reminded me in parts of Manchester heroes The Courteeners. Having heard a couple of tracks recently on the radio, I was very much looking forward to seeing the band. Seamless harmonies with soaring choruses, blended with hard-hitting guitars made for a sound which actually sounded better live than on record!

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 The band interacted well with the audience and soon had them in the palms of their hands, dancing and swaying with each track and even helping lead singer Kiaran Crook with his vocals as his voice seemed to fade a little by the end. As quickly as they arrived they were gone, to much appreciation and to much applause.  

It was soon time for The Kooks, a band whose journey has spanned 15 years and created 5 albums containing some of the most iconic Brit Pop songs ever written. The soundtrack to many a young life, the set was electric to say the least,with the band choosing to play tracks from the first 4 albums mainly.

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 Lead singer Luke Pritchard danced and jumped across the stage, having the time of his life although i couldn’t help but feel that many of the fans in the packed out Castlefield Bowl were there for the memories of the first two albums. When these classics were rolled out the crowd were ecstatic bellowing in unison to every single word. It seemed very much that the favourites were songs such as "Always Where I Need To Be", "Junk Of The Heart", "She Moves In Her Own Way", and the brilliant "Naive' 

I must make it clear that I have nothing against the newer songs, but this is pure Kooks on top of the game and as far as I am concerned at the peak of their song writing powers. So with a nod to the audience and a defiant 'Vote for the Kooks' in the next election loudly voiced, the music ended and the band strode off stage, heads held high, souls intact. They are a great band, brilliantly British and superb live. The songs are amazing and truthfully they should be cherished with all of the other greats and on tonight’s showing, that will never be a problem. 

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