The massive success of The Seasplash Festival


By David Gasson

Seasplash festival

The city of Pula in Croatia played host once again to the 16th Seasplash festival as the Reggae/ Dub/Roots music and sound system culture festival returned to Fort Punta Christo.

The sea fronted festival was a very relaxing affair, with many taking advantage of the free camping and the great weather which lasted throughout, with the small exception of a 30 minute storm on Saturday night. As well as yoga in the fort and on the beach, stalls selling a variety of handmade products and several workshops taking place throughout the event, there were also plenty of well stocked bars with reasonably priced food and drink! The festival once again offered a great mixture of music with a wide range of styles and genre.

Thursday ~ Raggalution

The festival got off to a great start when the first band , "Raggalution"  took to the main stage and set the standard for some inspiring and high energy performances .The Slovenian Reggae fusion band mixed it up with their own unique dub, funk and traditional Reggae tracks.

Thursday ~ Mad Professor & U-Roy

"Mad Professor" played a mixture and variety of his dub/reggae music mixes and was joined on stage by  the Jamaican vocalist "U-Roy"


Thursday ~ One Dread

The hugely popular 7 piece Croatian Reggae band "One Dread" returned to the festival and once again gave an amazing performance .The three female lead vocalists, Tena, Nika and Tea were backed by a superb band and played many of their own songs in addition to a few cover versions. The Roots /Reggae/Dancehall  band from Zagreb soon had the whole crowd up on their feet and dancing.


Friday ~ Conquering Lion

The Reggae theme returned to the main stage on the Friday night with the Macedonian dub / Reggae /Crossover band "Conquering Lion". They were followed by "Kali Fat Dub".



As well as the main stage, which saw more than 15 great bands perform from early evening until long into the night, there were also 4 sound system stages. The Dubsplash stage (Hosted by SoundClash), The Elektrosplash stage (Hosted by Seasplash Sound System), The Soundsplash stage (Hosted by Munchies Sound System) and the Beachsplash stage (Hosted by Boca Sound System)


Saturday ~ Radical Dance Faction

The British band "Radical Dance Faction" (RDF) brought their own unique brand of music to the festival on the Saturday night. The songs were introduced by lead vocalist and the original founder, "Chris Bowsher". The political influenced music was a combination of Punk, Dub, Ska and Reggae.


Fire jugglers

Each night between set changes on the main stage three fire jugglers from Romania entertained the crowd. They performed in the main dance area as well as on different stages in locations dotted around the festival.


Sunday  ~ Viva Vops

The Serbian band "Viva Vops" really kick started Sunday nights' music enjoyment. Their energetic show was a mixture of Punk, Hip hop, Metal and Rock. All that combined with the band jumping, leaping , dancing around the stage and at one point the two lead vocalists removing most of their clothes.


Sunday  ~ Bruto Geto

The Croatian crossover band "Bruto Geto" from Zagreb performed in both English and Croatian. They played unreleased tracks from their new debut  album as well as their 4 singles.


Sunday  ~ Playground Hustle

"Playground Hustle" are an electronic / Hip-Hop / Rap and experimental music duo from Zagreb and they offered a good, up beat and alternative set. The band consist of Marija Magdalena Slović on lead vocals who danced, sang and rapped and Ivona Eterović on keys.