The Twenty One Pilots Australian Bandito Tour Was On Fire


 Twenty One Pilots

Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide


 By Deb Kloeden 

I have seen plenty of impressive concerts in my time, but the Twenty One Pilots show in Adelaide last night was definitely one of the most impressive I have seen. The stage was hidden by a large black curtain while the crowd waited in anticipation, which when dropped, revealed a set ready for a drama performance similar to Mad Max.  


Enter Tyler Joseph dressed in a black balaklava & camouflage jacket, and Josh Dun, clad in the familiar hooded Trench jacket with a bandana over his face. Josh carried a flaming torch, a symbol of what else was to come. It was a nice dramatic opening. The opening number was ‘Jumpsuit’ from their new album “Trench”, immediately setting the vibe for a night of dub inspired hip-hop.


Without warning, an old car wreck, which was hidden in the shadows at the back of the stage, burst into flames, ramping up the action. During the first two songs while I was in the photo pit, we had it all! Flames, noisy plumes of smoke and confetti really kept us photographers on our toes. 


It wasn’t until I reached my seat in the stand, left of stage, that I gained a true appreciation of the stage and lighting set up. The aerial viewpoint put it all in perspective and was visually spectacular. (Hat’s off to the crew) 


There was always something new to watch. Tyler really interacted with the audience, knocking knuckles with those close to the stage and instructing each side of the house to sing on cue. About half way through the set, he climbed out into the audience and stood up with the support of the crowd whilst singing. Later, a drum kit mounted on a flat platform was lifted above the crowd at the front. Josh climbed on top, showcasing his impressive drumming skills. Later they both drummed in unison in a similar fashion with a single drum each, also whilst being supported by the crowd. It was an impressive and creative set, breaking new boundaries in gig performances. 

Various masks and the iconic skeleton hoodies were worn throughout the set depending on the song being sung. But largely Josh performed dressed only in jeans, sweat pouring off his tattooed body as he pounded the drums like there was no tomorrow. 


They played nine songs from their new album “Trench” starting with ‘Jumpsuit’ and ‘Levitate’, the first two songs on the album.  And of course they played many old favourites during their generous one and three quarter hour set, including ‘Stressed Out’, ‘Heathens’, and my favourite ‘Ride’. I love the way they marry hip-hop with reggae and dub and the messages in their songs refer to every day events like “somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence”. They touch on things that matter on a human level and turn the dialogue into awesome hits. 

They finished with ‘Car Radio’, then came back to play ‘Leave the City’, which told us that ‘they know that it’s almost over’. But there was one more to come. When you thought they couldn’t do any better, they performed ‘Trees’, set to stunning visuals, which left everyone feeling incredibly stimulated and happy. 

Twenty One Pilots have four more shows on their Australasian tour before heading home, so catch them if you can.  

·         Melbourne – Dec 13th

·         Sydney – Dec 16th

·         Brisbane – Dec 18th

·         Auckland – Dec 21st

The tour will continue into the new year, with a huge string of shows pencilled in for Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the UK.

 Set List

1.    Jumpsuit

2.    Levitate

3.    Fairly Local

Today's Your Day (Interlude)

4.    Stressed Out

5.    Heathens

6.    We Don't Believe What's on TV

7.    The Judge

8.    Lane Boy

9.    Nico and the Niners

10. Taxi Cab

11. Neon Gravestones

12. Pet Cheetah

13. Holding on to You

14. Ride

15. My Blood

16. Morph

17. Car Radio


18. Leave the City

19. Trees