Weezer Play The Edgefield Ampitheater!


By Maddie Stellingwerf

Like many people, I grew up listening to Weezer and their sound is truly unique to any other band out there. They’ve been around for over 25 years and after seeing them for the second time a few days ago, I realized that it’s no surprise they’ve stayed through the tests of time. When I first saw them two years ago, it was at the Edgefield Amphitheater and as many concert goers can attest, outside venues tend to have a very engaged pit because it is pretty much entirely general admission. So, of course, at this show they engaged with the crowd, threw beach balls, waved Weezer flags, etc.


What was a little surprising to me however was their performance this weekend when I saw them at the Moda Center in Portland. Now, the Moda center is the largest venue Portland has to offer and with that there comes the bowl like shape with seats running all the way up to the top and the “pit” had seats in it, so it was not general admission.


This may seem like the makings of a pretty relaxed concert, minimal crowd engagement and such, but Weezer really shined through. They made even the people the furthest away feel welcome and psyched to be there. At one point the lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, came into the crowd and “sailed on a boat”, playing three songs on essentially a tiny B-stage. This kind of crowd engagement not only makes everyone feel welcome but it makes everyone leave with a smile on their face, ready to come back for some more.


The setlist was essentially a “Weezer's Greatest Hits” + some of their more recent covers like, Africa by Toto. T his worked very well because even if you weren’t a Weezer super fan there were still quite a few songs played that you could bounce around to because it’s really hard to go through your whole life without hearing on of their hits like: Say it ain’t so or Buddy Holly or one of their most recent hits likeCan’t Stop the Hustle.


Overall, the show was a blast to attend and I will definitely be going to the next one. Keep rocking Weezer, everyone’s favorite ‘nerdy’ rock band!