Alice In Chains lead singer William DuVall plays Nashville’s City Winery

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William DuVall performed a solo set at Nashville’s City Winery on this All Hallows’ Eve. Mr. DuVall is touring in support of his recent solo effort One Alone. So while you were out trick-or treating, some of us took part in an amazing live musical moment. Here’s all the gory details… 

Relative newcomer Sadie Campbell opened the show with a solo acoustic performance. Her songs offered reflections of her life as an artist and itinerant musician. The second song ‘Until The Night Ends‘ is an ode to the prerequisite long road trips and the calming, meditative effect they have on the psyche.

War is a song dedicated to fighting the urge to pursue the artist’s calling, ultimately relinquishing to the muse. She performs a compelling cover of Creep by Radiohead and closes with the uplifting, life affirming Can’t Take It With You. Sadie’s vocals are powerful, sometimes gritty, espousing elements of rock, soul and gospel. Expect to see more great things from Sadie Campbell.

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William DuVall might be most widely known as the lead singer for rock megalith Alice In Chains. Tonight we have him all to ourselves in a more intimate concert setting with just him, his voice and two acoustic guitars that need frequent tuning. Mr. Duvall projects a relaxed, laid-back vibe throughout the show as he warmly and candidly interacts with the audience between songs. 

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DuVall opens with ‘The 3 WIshes’. The minor key guitar melody is powerful, with mesmerising vocals reminiscent of mid-90s era acoustic rock group Days of the New. Next, he plays ‘Never Fade’ from the Alice in Chains ‘Rainier Fog’ album; a song about the close connections we have with people that transcend time and space. In the solo acoustic setting, DuVall’s voice exhibits a more expressive and variegated timbre not as prominent in his rock band performances. The additional nuance adds depth to the music.

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DuVall revisits a song from his previous rock band Comes with the Fall by performing Smoke and Mirrors. He also pays homage to some of his heroes by performing a cover of David Bowie’s Lady Stardust and Aerosmith classic Seasons of Wither. And, since he’s in Nashville, threw in a cover of Hank Williams’ Lost Highway for good measure. Later, he closed with Til the Light Guides Me Home, the single from his new album.

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 Overall, it was a well executed performance that gave his fans a chance to experience his artistry at a more personal level.