David Gasson's Articles

Hi, Im David! I was a photographer in the UK until 1998, then had a year working as a cruise ship photographer in America. I now live in Pula, Croatia.

A few years ago I managed to get a photo pass for a Massive Attack concert. Since then I have been totally addicted to Music Photography and in the last 2 years I have shot over 200 bands and performers. I like to cover any and all types of music genre, just give me some light, a stage, some smoke,  a performer and a speaker to lean on and let me do my thing.

I love to shoot from the pit when i can, but I am just as happy amongst the crowd and fighting my way through to get "The Shot". In march 2018, I started www.chasingthelightart.com. I like to take the standard concert picture first, so I have something. But my love and passion  is nestled in searching for the ART in a performance and capturing that 1 specific moment that can sum up a whole event!