Find new fans of your music with Live footage of your band in Action! 

As an artist, its a fact that nothing beats live! This is where you get to perform the music that you have recorded in the studio and showcase the feeling and emotion that went into the art that you created. Its the place where fans will come and see you and where you generate the majority of your revenue. Along with stunning images, having live footage allows you promote yourself on social media, add an extra dimensions to press packs and pick up new fans easier.

We believe great musicians need to be discovered! Live footage is one of the strongest ways you can demonstrate everything that you represent as an artist. That is why we are happy to be offering stunning short and long clip footage of your band live in action. We work across all genres, quickly turning around videos you can use to delight fans and new listeners alike. By having us at your show, we will also place clips of your band right here on our page, ensuring that you are recieving extra exposure for your music!

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