My name is Miguel Crespo and I'm a published photographer from Connecticut. Ever since I was young, I have loved music. It was my peace and the way I dealt with the world. From knowing every song on the radio, attending concerts and always staying up to date with the newest CDs or songs, music and I were inseparable. In 2014, I picked up my very first camera. I just wanted a new hobby and only used it to take better quality photos than my phone camera could take. As time passed and I used my camera more and more, I started to love photography and started to take it more seriously.

In July 2016, I was so passionate about photography that I told myself that I wanted to do it forever and it was time for me to elevate my skill more than ever. That same month I took a trip to Los Angeles, California. I was looking for some type of event or place I could visit while I was there. I had heard about a car show and concert for Dub Magazine at the LA Convention Center and thought it sounded like fun so I purchased general admission tickets. On the day of the show I brought my camera not really thinking about the possibility that I couldn't bring it in the venue. Luckily I had no issues. I upgraded my general admission tickets to VIP so I could get as close to the stage as possible and shot my very first show. Some of my favourite artist played, lights flashed all over the room and I was capturing every moment. Right there at that moment, I fell in love with concert photography. I wanted to go to more shows and cover more artists.

I spent the rest of the year doing so trying to keep getting better with shots and the post production. Now in 2017, I have been featured in magazines, media and news websites and blogs covering concerts and festivals all over the United States. It was fitting for me to take my 2 loves, music and photography, and put them together. I'm hoping to keep getting better and cover more shows for Audiolove. Take a look at my work here: Miguel