The AFI & Circa Survive Tour stopped by the Tabernacle

The AFI & Circa Survive Tour stops by the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle – Atlanta, Ga. – July 18, 2017.

Powerhouse rock bands Circa Survive and AFI teamed up to light-up Atlanta’s famed venue The Tabernacle. With the bands releasing highly anticipated albums this year – The Amulet from Circa Survive and AFI (The Blood Album) from AFI – the hype to witness both bands perform their new hits was off the charts.

Up first was Circa Survive. The Philly quintet dazzled with their hour-long presentation of high-adrenaline, dim lights and heavy tunes. Front-man Anthony Green is incredibly stage-savvy in navigating with force from one end to the other, all while delivering brutally powerful vocals and hyping several audience members into crowd-surfing and mosh-pits.

Drummer Steve Clifford might have been relegated to the back of the stage, but as the night carried on it was his mastering of the drums that brought that extra “oomph” to each tune and made his bandmates look even more impressive.

Rounding everything up were remaining members Brendan Ekstrom, Colin Frangicetto and Nick Beard bringing their string-work A-game to A-town to remind every audience member why Circa Survive has been at this rock thing since 2004 and still kicking ass.

From opening track “Get Out” to explosive finale “Nesting Dolls,” Circa Survive exceeded every expectation as one of the tour’s headliners. By the end of the set, Green and company left many onlookers in awe and AFI had very large shoes to fill!

Headlining was California’s AFI, and the band held absolutely nothing back. AFI lights up the stage from the get-go and create a bizarre atmosphere where the crowd-surfers and mosh-pit participants come off as the tamed bunch.

Frontman Davey Havok is an absolute fire-cracker, laying down what can only be described as an explosive performance by any standard. Havok’s high-jumps, slick dance moves and microphone-stand waving is the stuff legends are made of. The band’s 17-track performance was pandemonium from the beginning until the very last lyric on their closing track “Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings).” 

Though the band is currently promoting new album AFI (The Blood Album), the Tabernacle crowd was treated to a healthy mix of tunes from the entire AFI discography. Riveting performances from “Snow Cats” and “Love Like Winter” got vociferous reception, however, the house was brought down when Havok and company delighted onlookers with 2006 mega-hit “Miss Murder” to end the pre-encore set.

Once the 2-song encore has ended, the band takes a few minutes to bid their final farewells to the Atlanta crowd that showed AFI nothing less than that famous Southern hospitality. In turn, AFI should Atlanta one heck of a wild ride.

To find out more about the Circa Survive/AFI joint tour visit the band’s websites at or head over to iTunes or Spotify and download the band’s new albums.

Article & Images by Andres Alvarado