As It Is Review

British pop-punk act AS IT IS kicked off 2017 in grand style with the release of LP Okay, and has been endlessly touring in support of the new album. After gaining serious on-air play for lead single “Pretty Little Distance,” Patty Walters and the boys of AS IT IS have seen their fame sky-rocket; while bringing back the nostalgia of the late 90s pop-punk hey-day.

Their Okay Tour made a stop by The Masquerade’s Hell Stage to an eager and sizeable crowd on this warm spring night. After a voracious round of applause for the Brighton quintet, the evening is ignited with a robust performance of namesake track “Okay.” While the entire band on stage mesh well and the remaining four members bring their best to the table, there is no doubt that this night was all about Patty Walters. The charming and infectious front-man is a joy to witness on stage and a force to be reckoned with. Blessed with boyish good looks and the energy to match, Walters’ stage antics is what takes AS IT IS to the next level and keeps the audience invested for the entirety of the 75-minute concert.

The night serves up several highlights, most notably the vivacious interpretations of new album singles “Soap,” “Hey Rachel” and hit “Pretty Little Distance,” peppered with a healthy mix of tracks from their notable first album Never Happy, Ever After. However, the night peaks when Walters and company switch it up a bit and put forth a different facet of their talents with an impressive performance of slow-jam “Still Remembering,” which featured many fans in attendance bellowing along the words to create the appearance of a band’s sixth member. Overall, AS IT IS should be considered a pioneer of the pop-punk revival, one the genre has desperately needed for quite some time and enthusiastic fans welcome with open arms.

For more on AS IT IS, head on over to or download their new LP Okay on iTunes or Spotify.   

Concert Set-List

1.        Okay

2.        Patchwork Love

3.        Concrete

4.        Sorry

5.        Speak Soft

6.        No Way Out

7.        Soap

8.        Austen

9.        Can’t Save Myself

10.     Still Remembering

11.     Until I Return

12.     Horoscopes

13.     Hey Rachel

14.     Pretty Little Distance

15.     Cheap Shots & Setbacks

16.     Dial Tones

Artcle & Images by Andres Alvarado