August Burns Red Live

August Burns Red Captured Live

August Burns Red Captured Live

It’s been a decade since August Burns Red released acclaimed LP Messengers, prompting Jake Luhrs and company to take to the road with an extensive tour in celebration of the commemorative milestone. On this rainy Tuesday evening, ABR packed Atlanta’s Heaven Stage at The Masquerade with hordes of fervent fans waiting for a chance to jam-out to the Pennsylvania metal-rockers. ABR, in turn, made good on the hours of wait with an explosive show that blew the roof off, figuratively. 

While Luhrs and the gang were preceded by solid opening acts  ’68, In Hearts Wake and Protest the Hero, it was apparent that this night belonged to August Burns Red and their otherworldly stage show.  The quintet kicked off the performance in high gear as they rushed the platform to electrifying strobe lights and a chanting audience that added oomph to the already jolting atmosphere. Luhrs, no stranger to crowd galvanizing, quickly sets the tone to the night with his powerful growling voice on opening track “Truth of a Liar”, while remaining members take turns displaying their individual skills front and center to spellbound attendees.

No August Burns Red show is complete without the habitual crowd-surfers and moshers, and boy, did they make themselves present, with lucky ones sneaking high-fives at band members while security chaperoned them down front of stage.  The frenzy created by ABR is further evident through crowd sing-alongs and pumping fists surging overhead. On this night, August Burns Red carried a sixth member: A devoted fan-base.

With the entirety of Messengers performed, the band took the opportunity to delve into a kick-ass encore that commences with August Burns Red’s founding-father Matt Greiner unleashing an unreal drum solo that sets the stage for powerful performances to other popular tracks like “Martyr” and “Ghosts”. To close out the night, the gang goes full-throttle on finale “White Washed”, capping off a night with staggering highs and reaffirming August Burns Red's place among the elite of Metal. 

To get a glimpse of what August Burns Red has to offer be sure to catch them on their Messengers 10 Year Anniversary Tour continuing through August or visit their website at

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Article by Andres Alvarado