Bellas Bartok Live

Bella's Bartok Captured Live At The Masquerade

Bella's Bartok Captured Live At The Masquerade

It was only two weeks ago, that out of curiosity and whist perusing the upcoming acts for Atlanta’s famed venue The Masquerade, the name “Bella’s Bartok” caught my eye. Intrigued by their show poster, I took to Youtube to learn more about them. In that short time, I quickly became hooked on this Klezmer Punk/Gypsy band’s style and music and eagerly awaited their live performance and it is safe to say that at which they did not disappoint.

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Local Atlanta band “The Muckers” opened on this Thursday night, delighting the crowd with their Irish pub style tunes and setting the stage for a night filled with dancing and good times. Wrapping up their set, they alert the crowd that they’re in for an amazing time with the upcoming headliner. 

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Led by charismatic front-man Asher Putnam, Bella’s Bartok took their fans on a roller-coaster ride that included great tunes, fantastic dance moves and heavy crowd/performer interactions. The intimate crowd got much more than they expected as Bella’s Bartok proved that they are a "cannot miss" act. Those in attendance were treated to the stage shenanigans of Putnam, who's facial expressions are as much part of the show as his vocal prowess. Serving as a perfect complement to Putnam was lead guitarist and back-up vocalist Chris "Fancy" Kerrigan, whose ability to keep all the fans involved in the show was uncanny. Lone female member Saera Kochanski delighted the crowd with some top-notch mandolin and accordion play, but shined brightest with a gypsy-ish rendition of No Doubt’s mega-hit “Just a Girl”.

The front line was aided further by the side dance-party put on by trumpeter Gershon Rosen, talented trombone player Amory Drennan and the cool swagger of bassist Dan Niederhauser. Tying it all together is the backbone of Bella’s Bartok and drummer Crisco, whose versatile drumming skills are tested not only on the band’s own tunes, but also when switching gears to cover such hits as Brittany Spear’s “Toxic”.

Throughout the entirety of their 90 minute set, the band never lose their ardour. Their infectious performance provides the crowd with a natural high which is indicative of witnessing a band that is on a fast path to stardom. While Bella’s Bartok are not a household name yet, if I were a betting man, I would say they’ll have no problem carving out quite the name for themselves in the near future. Be sure to catch Bella’s Bartok as they bring their have-to-see-to-believe tour through several U.S. southeast cities throughout January.

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In the meantime, stream a preview of their latest song "The Strange Ones" below and leave a comment to tell us what you think!