The New Blink-182 Are Just As Relevant As The Old Blink-182

This evening was the first night of the tour and it all started off in the city of Austin, Texas. The stage was set outdoors at the scenic Austin360 Ampitheater as fans eagerly awaited Blink-182. I had photographed the San Diego trio only a few months ago before this so I was already prepared for what promised to be a packed set with a healthy mix of old favourites as well as new material.  

Whether you are a die hard fan or casual listener of Blink-182, their fun-filled performance is something that everyone would have instantly appreciated from the moment they hit the stage. They kick things off this evening with the track “Feeling This” off their self-titled album and played other crowd pleasers such as “What’s My Age Again?” and “The Rock Show”. 

With the absence of Tom DeLonge many fans might have questioned the new instalment to the band but if you know anything about Matt Skiba then you know you are in for something special.  I must admit, I'm not somebody who easily welcomes change with open arms but since I have been a long time fan of Alkaline Trio I expected Matt to bring something fresh to the table with his addition to the group. To say that he delivered is an understatement! All of my concern melted away with the performance of one of my new favourite songs "Bored to Death”.

Since the last time I saw Hoppus and Skiba together on stage it seems as though their chemistry has intensified and fans are now moving past the fact that Tom is no longer with them. Of course seeing long time members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker together on stage was very nostalgic, with memories of growing up with their music and seeing them in music videos together over the years. Add all three members together and you are in for one incredible performance. Be sure to check out their new music when you get a chance, you wont be disappointed!!

Article/Images by Aaron Quintanilla