BUSH decide to Double Down in Atlantic City

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By Bob Linneman

BUSH hit the gambling mecca of the East Coast, rolling into Atlantic City and providing a much-needed break from the sound of slot machines. This was the second stop of a new tour, which also features the band Atlas Genius as the opener.  Bush, who are touring behind their last release “Black and White Rainbows”, included many songs from the album as part of their setlist.

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Atlas Genius opened the night with a high energy set.  The band from Adelaide, South Australia was a perfect selection as they really pumped the crowd up.  Lead singer Keith Jeffery joked that the band was mostly from Australia, however, the bassist is a hometown boy from Atlantic City (not really, but from Medford, NJ – close enough).  A highlight of the set was their cover of Dead Or Alive's - ‘You Spin Me Round’ (like a record).

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The lights dimmed and Bush emerged behind hyperactive lighting.  The crowd roared with delight, as Gavin could have been literally sitting in their laps.  The venue provided a very intimate experience for the performers and the audience.  Since there was no PIT fence in place, there was only the stage and the front row seats from which to capture photographs.  As the evening progressed, Gavin, who loves audience interaction, maintained a steady supply of high fives in between lyrics to the front row, filled mostly with scantily clad women. By the third song, Gavin was his usual sweaty hot mess from the pure energy in each song. 

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Some highlights from the show include ‘Little Things That Kill,’ when Gavin went deep into the audience to sing. He went all the way to the back row, stopping to sing with some fans during his walk. He had some difficulty finding the lower level aisles due to the crowd having filled up by this point, so he decided to climb on to the seats where he stopped again to sing along with fans.  When he finally made it back to the stage, he commented on the mini journey,  stating, “I love going all the way to the back because everybody is so fucking cool there.” 

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During the encore, BUSH provided some great versions of songs, starting with Machinehead, and then slowing things down with a very soulful rendition of REM’s ‘One I Love’.   Gavin next started 'Glycerine' with just him and a guitar through most of the song with the band finally joining him for the last verse. BUSH closed the night with 'Comedown', which had two meanings as Gavin then invited most of the female fans who were along the front rows to come down and join him on stage to sing along to the last verse.  The tour continues throughout the States.