Chelsea Grin Stop Brighten Up the Holiday

Chelsea Grin Captued Live At The Masquerade!

Chelsea Grin Captued Live At The Masquerade!

The Masquerade – Heaven Stage – April 16, 2017

Deathcore metal band Chelsea Grin made Atlanta’s Easter holiday just a tad more exciting this year. Playing to a frenzied crowd at the Heaven Stage of the famed Masquerade, front-man Alex Koehler and the gang came stage-side guns and guitars blazing to deliver a dominant, pedal to the metal, adrenaline-rushing performance that left their fans reeling from a gargantuan natural high.

Chelsea Grin #2

The show is kicked off at 6:30 in the evening with formidable and exciting opening acts like Second Death, Enterprise Earth, Gideon, and wild-bunch Ice Nine Kills; who all warmed the crowd in their own special ways. However, it’s at 9:00 when headliner Chelsea Grin take over and the insanity begins. Rhythm guitarist Jacob Harmond is first to walk on stage, decked in the Utah Jazz jersey –  Chelsea Grin’s hometown –, he’s received by enthusiastic shouts and cheers, onto which the remaining members make their way in. The Salt Lake City sextet make their first musical impression with a downright impressive rendition of track “Skin Deep,” off their latest LP Self Inflicted; released in July 2016. Emotions run high as the concert progresses, with the Chelsea Grin boys performing intense and energetic tracks like “Clickbait,” “Four Horsemen,” and “Scratching and Screaming,” to a bevy of raging fans; from your casual foot-stomping fan to headbangers and crowd-surfers. The night ends on a high-note with finale “Recreant”, displaying the boys at their most impressive and deathcore metal finest.

Chelsea Grin

If attending a Chelsea Grin show through their August tour-run, be warned, don’t head out with the intent of just spending a chilled evening.  Come prepared, come energetic and you’ll be in a for a night not soon to be forgotten that will leave you grinning: pun intended.

Chelsea Grin Live

For more on Chelsea Grin and their tour dates, head on over to or download their latest release Self Inflict on iTunes, Spotify or where records are sold.


1.       Skin Deep

2.       Clickbait

3.       Strung Out

4.       Playing with Fire

5.       Angels Shall Sin, Demons Shall Pray

6.       Four Horsemen

7.       The Foolish One

8.       My Damnation

9.       Crewcabanger

10.   Sonnet of the Wretched

11.   Never, Forever

12.   Scratching and Screaming

13.   Broken Bonds

14.   Cheyne Stokes

15.   Recreant

Article & Images by Andres Alvarado