Cloud Control are back in the ZONE, touring with a stunning new album

Cloud Control

Venue: The Croxton, Melbourne, 28th September 2017

I can’t believe it’s 7 years since I first heard of Australia’s Alternative Indie-Rock band, CLOUD CONTROL. Gold Canary was my first introduction to their music and it was love at first listen. I saw them in concert twice in those early years and I’ve been really keen to hear more from them. Now they’re back after spending three years writing and recording their new album ‘Zone’.

Cloud Control
Cloud Control

Listening to Zone for the first time felt like meeting a comfortable old friend after losing touch for a while. It felt familiar, yet different. The old basis of friendship was certainly still there, but also, obviously, there was plenty of news to catch up on.

For starters, previous bass guitarist Jeremy Kelshaw, is no longer with the band. However Alister's brother, Doug, played bass at their Melbourne show, making the band truly a family affair. Thankfully those beautiful harmonies are still there and the new title track, Zone has already become an instant hit.

Cloud Control
Cloud Control

Cloud Control played a carefully selected mix of songs from each of their three albums. They opened with Treetops from the new album. It is a love song, with an up-lifting vibe and catchy melody. They also played Rainbow City, Summer Rave, and of course the title track, Zone. Rainbow City is a bit of an anthem song. Big, bold and out there. Zone was a huge crowd favourite and had everyone singing along.

Cloud Control

Relatively early in the set, they played Gold Canary from their first album ‘Bliss Release’. It is still a song I add to my playlists and never tire of listening to. Other popular tracks played from ‘Bliss release’ were This is What I Said, Meditation #2 and Nothing in the Water we can’t fight. All have become true Cloud Control classics now.

Cloud Control
Cloud Control

Their second album was ‘Dream Cave’. They treated the crowd to five, much loved songs from this album, closing with the title track Dream Cave. Throughout the show, the crowd sang along to nearly every song and truly expressed their love for the band. It may have been several years since I last saw Cloud Control, but it was definitely worth the wait!

They are touring Australia at the moment, so you may be able to catch them at one of their remaining gigs if you’re lucky. 


Friday, 22nd September - The Metro, Sydney

Saturday, 24th September -The Triffid, Brisbane

Thursday, 28th September -The Croxton, Melbourne

Friday, 29th September -The Gov, Adelaide

Sunday, 1st October -Badlands, Perth




Article & Images by Deb Kloeden