Corey Smith Stops By The Roxy Theatre To Delight Fans!

Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre – Atlanta, Ga. – April 22, 2017

Corey Smith Live at Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre

Corey Smith Live at Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre

The beautiful and newly inaugurated Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre played host to Georgia native and progressive country star Corey Smith on this warm Saturday evening. The venue was packed early on as many patrons formed a line hours ahead of the show in anticipation and in hopes of standing front row and in close quarters to the notorious singer-songwriter. Smith, who released his latest album While the Gettin’ Is Good back in 2015, still packs a serious punch as fans flocked to this presentation despite him not having not released new material in roughly two years.

Corey Smith #2

Corey Smith lands stage-side by his lonesome at 9:15 in the evening. Decked in an Atlanta Braves cap – neighbors to the Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre, shades and a camouflage down vest, Smith is quick to acknowledge his crowd and reveal the excitement he feels to play in the new venue. His humbleness is met with that famous Southern hospitality; giving way to a stellar performance and effort put forth by the home-state singer. The intoxicating atmosphere created by Smith is heightened each time he performs fan-favorite tunes like “Dahlonega,” “If I Can Do It Again,” “Fuck the Po-Po” and even a cover of Matchbox Twenty’s “3 A.M.,” much to the delight of the crowd at hand.

By night’s end, Smith lived up to his reputation and delivered yet another magnificent showing. Cheers and heavy applause rained down throughout the evening, as the Atlanta crowd eagerly showed Corey Smith their love of his craft and their pride towards the local star, in true Southern fashion.

To learn more about Corey Smith head over to or catch him on tour as he travels the United States Southeast through August.

Article & Images by Andres Alvarado