Exactly why Creeper are the upcoming band to watch!


English punk ensemble Creeper are on the highway to stardom. Formed just 3-4 short years ago, these horror-rock hotshots are quickly achieving a reputation as a must-see act for lovers of this genre. Led by shaggy-haired front-man Will Gould, this Southampton sextet are currently touring alongside pop-punk notables Neck Deep.


For all intents and purposes, Creeper may be young, but they’re not shy to rock your lame-ass. On stage, Gould is chief, and commands your undivided attention. With assistance from his pedal-to-the-metal mates, Creeper are all about providing a terrific time, with their sets chock full of thunderous tunes, mad mosh-pits, and crazy crowd surfers. Heck! If you’re lucky enough, Gould might even make his way to the dais edge and bump fists with those rowdy enough to make their way to the gang on the upheld hands of their fellow concert-goers!!


While Creeper may be relatively new to the States, they’ve progressively been churning out bigger masses and jamming on bigger stages. After carving out a lasting impression during their 2017 Vans Warped Tour run, these six young-guns have the makings of a promising act with a bright outlook. While Neck Deep is the flashy name on this tour, do yourself a solid and arrive early!! Creeper is one to watch and one to party to. Also, just to entice you a little more, Creeper take time to meet and greet fans post-set. Your mind is blown, we know.


Article and Images by Andres Alvarado