Dirkschneider Live

Dirkschneider Captured Live at The Variety Playhouse

Dirkschneider Captured Live at The Variety Playhouse

German rock-metal icon Udo Dirkschneider has enjoyed a career that’s spanned over 40 years. Gaining world-wide attention as the front-man of the band Accept, the gruff-voiced metalhead parted ways with the band once and for all in 2005. Now over a decade later, Dirkschneider has decided to roll-out a final farewell with the Back to the Roots Tour offering closure to a plethora of fans and to bid a final adieu to Accept songs moving forward. On this Tuesday evening, Udo and the boys played Atlanta’s historical venue Variety Playhouse to a sizeable crowd of adoring fans.

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With a 9 o’clock start time, an introduction count-down under ominous music sounds over the dimly lit venue. Once the count-down reaches zero, Udo and the band take to the stage under a flurry of loud cheers and U-D-O chants. Speedily the band goes to work with a tenacious interpretation of opening track “Starlight”. A head-banging mood quickly overtakes the crowd at hand and Dirkschneider plays to that strength by parading members individually front and center to further engage their fans. It’s made evident that these boys know how to ride a wave and drive a crowd wild.

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The two-hour show is a bittersweet extravaganza with natural highs abundant, accompanied by the notion that this is the last time Udo will perform these songs lingering in the back of everyone’s mind. Nonetheless, the mood is ecstatic the entire show. The crowd enthusiastically sang along to well-known tracks like “London Leatherboys” and “Son of a Bitch”; however, the loudest cheers and drowning sing-alongs came way of legendary track “Balls to the Wall”. The energetic tune seems to uptick the aura of metal in the air. A sight to be seen, mosh-pits opened while remaining attendees head-banged as if their lives depended on it.

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While Udo Dirkschneider may not be the limber 20 something he was when he first hit the musical scene, the senior metal-god still has a few moves in him and quite the array of tricks to engage all in attendance. Dirkschneider is a must-see act himself and is in rare form for the Accept farewell tour, the boys have plenty to offer and you’d be a fool to ignore it.

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Article by Andres Alvarado