Drew Holcomb stops by the Tabernacle to leave A Souvenir for his Fans

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors packed The Tabernacle venue for their Atlanta stop of The Souvenir Tour. Holcomb, decked in a shirt and blazer with his signature homburg, entertained his Atlanta faithful with mellow tunes and charming anecdotes that seemingly had the crowd at hand wrapped around his little finger. The 2-hour affair was a stroll down memory lane, as Holcomb and The Neighbors performed several oldies & fan-favorites, yet managed to pepper in several tracks off their new and highly acclaimed LP Souvenir.

The night is kicked off as Drew Holcomb uses a gentlemanly approach to greet his fans with a tip of the hat and a sincere “it’s been too long, I’m so happy and grateful for each of you here tonight.” Once the introductory cheers settle down, Drew and the boys jump into a soulful rendition of new album lead track “Fight for Love.” The 3-minute track presentation serves as a stepping-stone to showcase the band’s A-game and ensuring the crowd would get an evening to remember.

A Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors show is not just an amazing concert, it’s also a personal affair. Holcomb, who’s married to country music star Ellie Holcomb, possess a knack for story-telling and his favorite topic are his children. Preceding the band’s rendition of track “Mama’s Sunshine, Daddy’s Rain,” Holcombe amusingly explains how this upbeat and happy track was written for his daughter after realizing his music would be too depressing for a child. During these moments, Holcomb comes across as down to Earth and relatable. His willingness to share a glimpse of his personal life garners the loudest applause and cheers of the night.

Drew Holcombe 2

Rounding off the night were presentations of clap-along “The Morning Song,” the sway inducing “The Wine We Drink,” and sing-along finale “Here We Go.” Holcomb and The Neighbors bid their final goodbyes to Atlanta with a wave and a bow and retreat the stage to a shower of applause from their fans; who left with a flurry of memories and “souvenirs” for the long run.

Be sure to catch Drew Holcombe and The Neighbors throughout May as they make several stops major U.S. cities for The Souvenir Tour or learn more about the band at www.drewholcomb.com

Article & Images by Andres Alvarado