Evan Taylor Jones Live

The article posted here began with a simple comment on one of my Instagram photos.  “My man please come shoot this Friday at Pianos!” ; Sure!!  Let’s rewind back a few months to understand why, without a question, I will drop everything to go cover an act on a Friday night at a dime size music venue in the east village.  A few months ago, a friend’s band was rolling through NY and asked if I would come out and shoot some promo shots for them.  In doing so I hung out for their set at Pianos.  I didn’t expect much from any of the bands as Pianos is a jumping off point for some great acts trying to make it. Pianos is a small 140 capacity venue in an area of NY known more for its restaurants and drunk yuppies than it is for music discovery. I personally love Pianos, their food is off the hook and their staff are very friendly; not to mention the fact that their bathrooms scream dive bar and for such a small venue the energy is awesome!!

As I am sitting through the opening acts waiting for my friend’s band to take the stage, I start noticing a band trying to get onto the stage. There were 8 of them trying to fit on a stage that cant be much more than 150 square feet.  I was stunned that they could even fit that much stuff up there.

The group resemble a hodge-podge of musicians that are very unassuming. That first impression rapidly vanished as soon as the first few notes were struck. Following this came an incredible voice that came in and grabbed everyone’s attention with power and soul that emanated true passion. I immediately spun around on my bar stool to see where this majestic sound was coming from.  I quickly downed my beer and ran to the front of the stage; I knew I had to capture this guy!!

Evan Taylor Jones so impressed me that evening that when he posted a simple comment on my Instagram I knew I had to go see him again. This time though I grabbed my wife and made an evening out of it.  Evan Taylor Jones (ETJ) is a powerful presence on the stage with a voice that will fill a room with soothing powerful vocals.  He owns the stage and I don’t care who you are or what type of music you like, ETJs voice will call to you. It is smooth as Tennessee whiskey with the powerful soul that is a mix of BB King and Smokey Robinson.  ETJ is also a songwriter and working musician. This is it for him. He is all in with his music, working multiple nights a week to make a living and his drive and passion comes out while on stage.  

This particular evening ETJ is taking the stage solo. A simple guy, he rolls into Pianos with everything he needs strapped to his back. Quickly makes his way over to say hi to me and strikes up an easy uninhabited conversation with my wife and I. No ego at all, he could have been the guy you ran into at the grocery store.  This evening is going to be the true test of his talents. It's him and him alone that has to own the stage tonight.  I had just sat through some of the shittiest bands I have seen in many years and I was looking forward to some powerful music from a talented musician and songwriter. I was not at all disappointed this particular evening, nor did i expect to be.  ETJ songs have found a good place on my playlist and I encourage all of you to give them a listen yourself.

Article by Nubbs