The Magic of FEEDER's Greatest Hits Tour stops by The Manchester Academy

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By Desh Kapur


“The Best Of Tour”

Manchester Academy March 10th 2018,

I last saw Feeder nearly 12 months to the day in the O2 Liverpool O2, on the ALL Bright Electric tour in support of their new album of the same name, and even though they were great and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I remember walking away thinking, “wouldn’t it be amazing if they did a greatest hits tour?” . Lo and behold here I was walking into a sold out Manchester Academy to watch them play on their greatest hits tour, yes mam!!

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Manchester Academy was packed, the crowd were buzzing and this rose to a thunderous roar when Feeder finally stepped on stage. Amidst applause, whistles and the clapping of hands, the stage went dark and the band exploded into “Feeling a Moment”  “Shatter” and “Renegades”

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During the performance, front man Grant Nicholas said the band is now 25 years old. I can confidently tell you that music from their catalogue still sounds as fresh, vibrant and current today as the day they were written, which is a true testament to their phenomenal song writing ability. What struck me most and brought a tear to my eyes, however, was the sheer joy and appreciation the band seemed to show, clearly demonstrating their gratitude to still be filling concert rooms whilst having maintained their fanbase. Grant seeming genuinely overwhelmed by the love that was coming back to him from the audience.

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It was Feeder hit after hit; “Pushing the Senses” “Lost and Found” “High” “Universe Of Life” “Insomnia” “Figure You Out” “Piece by Piece” “Tender” “Eskimo” “Come Back Around” “Stereo World” “The Perfect Day” “Borders” “Just the Way I’m Feeling” “Buck Rodgers” and for Encore “Silent City” “Children Of The Sun” “Yesterday Went To Soon” “Seven days In The Sun” and “Just A Day” at times it felt like the best Feeder Karaoke in the world as the crowd sang back to the band song after song!

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Feeder are a great band and an even greater live band with a back catalogue of songs that any musician would be proud of. If you haven’t seen Feeder live shame on you!, if you don’t own a Feeder record shame on you! And if you don’t get out to see them live, well…. You can live with the regret, thanks guys you truly are a national treasure!!