Grandmaster Flash @ MK11

Grandmaster Flash Captured Live at MK11

Grandmaster Flash Captured Live at MK11

Last night Grandmaster Flash played a stunning show to a sold out crowd at the great MK11. After an agonizing wait, he took the stage to rapturous applause and wasted no time in warming up the fatiqued ears by hyping up the crowd and asking about his new show on Netflix entitled "The Get Down". He urged those not in the know to check it out immediately and expressed his delight with the new show and how it turned out, mentioning that he had always wanted to create a film. 

Durinig the 70s, music was a way of life, something ingrained in the soul; and he expressed his desire for the crowd to "party like it was the 70s all over again". The audience responded in kind, intoxicated by the great music filling their ears as he weaved in and out of various songs, masterfully teasing the entry of each song following the last.

Grandmaster Flash Live

In a captivating musical masterclass, the pioneer was sure to drop well know gems from the musical archives of classics, drawing from the library of Michael Jackson to Bob Marley, the Bad Boy Era to The Fugees and Jurrasic 5; even throwing in the Beegees and other unrelated material, demonstrating the seemingly limitless depth of his music knowledge wilst the crowd sang along.

Flash made sure that this was a true celebration of music in its heyday, skillfully scratching his way through multiple genres ranging from Hip Hop and jazz to funk, soul, reggae and everything in between. It was the point at which Grandmaster threw in music as a tribute to the late Phife Dawg from the legendary A Tribe Called Quest however, where the crowd truly went crazy.

The evening was packed with jam after jam with no time for breaks in between, with Flash pausing from time to time to film the crowd enjoying themselves. After what seemed like a very short space of time Flash thanked the crowd and left the stage to the adulation of the crowd!!