Kara Grainger wins over new fans at The Webber Academy



Webber Academy // February 17th 2018

On February 17th, 2018, Audiolove were in attendance to catch the performance of the great talent that is Kara Grainger over at the Webber Academy. This singer-songwriter, born in Austrailia, now resides in LA and has a fabulous sound that is a mixture of blues/soul/ rock. 

Kara's career began in a small town in Australia. By the age of 16, she joined forces with her brother Mitch to form the band "Papa Lips" and they went on to produce two studio albums together. 

Her songwriting is delivered with a heartfelt approach that uplifts the listener and takes them on a glorious musical journey. Heavily influenced by the New Orleans Funk and Blues sound, lovers of this style of music will feel right at home when listening to Grainger. The evening was organised by Stampede City Sessions, and I knew that I was going to be in for a great night. 

From the very first song her performance was electrifying, leaving the audience wanting more by the time she left the stage. There are certain artists whose talent exude an ability to keep you on the edge of your seat. Kara fits this description perfectly and her effortless charisma on stage proves this point!


With her soulful vibes and magnetic personality, Grainger was able to keep the audience entranced for the duration of her set. 


Those who came to the Webber Academy not having much knowledge about her music would have certainly fallen in love by the end of the evening!  


For anybody who may still be on the fence regarding Kara Grainger's music, be sure to check out the performance which was recorded live and can be found on KSPS Public Television

You will not be disappointed!!





Article and Images by Adriana Malinowska