Keifer Sutherland Tour Stops By Atlanta's Terminal West

Keifer Sutherland

After 30+ years in showbiz, Keifer Sutherland has constantly found ways to impress his audience; from his cinematic debut alongside father Donald in “Max Dugan Returns” to his well-known portrayal of Jack Bauer in T.V. series “24.” Sutherland has enjoyed a long road of success and quite the list of accolades. With the release of debut album Down In A Hole, critics and fans alike were curious as to Sutherland possessing the chops to make it in the musical side of the business; and in grand Keifer Sutherland-style, he succeeds.

Promoting his debut LP, Keifer has been on his Not Enough Whiskey Tour for the latter part of 2016 and spilling over well into 2017. The extensive journey has seen Sutherland and his band make countless stops in mid-sized venues throughout the United States and on this night, Keifer Sutherland showed up in Atlanta’s Terminal West to back-up the hype surrounding his show. Donned in cowboy-like get-up, Sutherland seems relaxed and at home when he makes his way to the stage come 10:00 in the evening.

Playing to a seemingly packed-house, Sutherland is more than just a musician, he’s also a well-versed story-teller. Prior to performing each single, Sutherland delves into the tales about the people and situations that birthed his lyrics. Some tales are sad like failed relationships and the grief of losing of a loved one, while others bring a smile to your face, mainly those drunken nights we can all relate to. Most important, Keifer presents a humbleness to his persona, similar to that of a struggling artist and far from that of a world-renowned mega-star. For all intents and purposes, Keifer Sutherland, the musician, is worth the price of admission. While we all know him for his parts in “Young Guns” and “Stand By Me,” Keifer Sutherland’s music stands on its own two feet and merits your undivided attention.

For more on Keifer Sutherland’s Not Enough Whiskey Tour, be sure to visit his website at or download his Down In A Hole debut album on iTunes or where music is sold.

Article & Images by Andres Alvarado