KINGSWOOD come alive on stage with a vibrant raw energy


On Saturday I saw Australia’s Alt/Rock band, Kingswood perform on their current National tour in Adelaide. The Fat Controller Club was packed with enthusiastic fans, many coming out early for the support bands "Dear Seattle" and "The Vanns", both of whom gave impressive performances.


I thought I was familiar with Kingswood’s music, but seeing them perform live gave me a whole new appreciation for their art. Their songs came alive with a raw energy which was infectious and dynamic. Those familiar, polished radio edits were nothing like the wild, free, live versions. It's as if each band member was liberated from the chains of the expected.


With a sound a little like Kings Of Leon, Kingswood held the audience in the palm of their hand, right from the opening song ‘Like Your Mother’. With a generous set list of 17 songs, Kingswood delighted fans with most of the songs from both ‘Microscope Wars’ and this year’s release,  ‘After Hours, Close To Dawn’. They even performed their Like A Version cover of Destiny Child’s ‘Say My Name’, which was hugely popular. They finished with ‘Creepin’, which contains a very catchy chorus line, strong, grungy guitar riffs and wailing lead. It was A great way to finish!!


Originally a 3-piece band, Kingswood grew to nine on stage, including a bass guitarist, 2-piece wind section, 2 female vocalists and a keyboard player, all helping to make their sound more intricate and complex. The extra musicians on stage were definitely required in order to reproduce the dynamic sound that you get from their stunning new album ‘After Hours, Close To Dawn’.

Lead singer Fergus Linacre interacted with the audience throughout the show, grabbing hands and singing up close to fans. Many punters enjoyed the freedom of crowd surfing without being evicted by security. Others were standing on seats and tables to get a better view. The only person I saw attracting security’s attention was doing chin-ups from the rafters. Apparently this was not OK, but he only received a friendly warning.


Kingswood have three remaining shows on their current tour. They are playing Friday, 17th November at Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Saturday, 18th November at
Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Saturday 24th at Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle West. Catch them if you can. They are an impressive surprise live!!




Article and Images by Deb Kloeden